Into the Deep (Newsreader Voice Over)

Into the Deep (Newsreader Voice Over)

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As a voice over artist I really enjoy all aspects of my work but thought I’d share a recent booking that was that little bit different. I was approached by an agent and asked to play a newsreader for a film, the second such job in a matter of weeks.

I used to be a newsreader on national radio (Virgin Radio) so it’s always fun to play the part again. This time with me being given four or five minutes’ worth of newsreader voice over script. Split into seventeen separate story segments, shared with a female voice.

The client, a film director, was making a documentary showing this week at the iconic Sundance Film Festival in Utah. Soon to be followed by Netflix. It recounts a chilling story that I remember hearing about at the time about a Danish inventor who brutally murdered a Swedish TV reporter on his homemade submarine near Copenhagen. 

I expect that my part as the newsreader voice will be heard periodically as background audio updating the story.

The film’s called ‘Into the deep’, showing at the Sundance right now, on Netflix in the near future and I’m rather proud to be a part of it. I wish it the huge success that the reviews I’ve read so far say it very much deserves.

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Into the Deep. Photo courtesy of the Sundance Institute.