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Camping with Messi (sports promo voice over)

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Fascinating Football Fact: I once spent 45 minutes alone in a hotel room with Pele. No, seriously.

Admittedly, I don’t make a habit of that sort of thing. For example I’ve never been camping with Lionel Messi or on a caravanning holiday with Ronaldo (actually we stayed in a lodge) nor have I ever checked into a Premier Inn with Neymar, but it’s true, I did once spend three quarters of an hour in a hotel room with the world’s greatest and most famous footballer, Pele. Very nice he was too.

sports promo voice over signed pele shirt

As a football fan, to call that a treat would be quite an understatement. Also speaking as an avid Match of the Day viewer since I was a kid I’ve been drip fed football commentary for four decades. As a result, when it comes to mimicking the sound I’d say it’s almost second nature. Because of that, as a voiceover artist I do tend to do quite a lot of football commentator scripts, often for very high profile clients such as Nike, TransferWise, UKTV and Heineken, and on very big platforms.

An extension of that is the football promo, you know the thing, hard hitting and punchy sounding letting the audience know just how unmissable this event is going to be, to the point of near combustion. And I absolutely love doing them, both genres.

You can watch a recent promo read that I did for Sky Sports below.


Sky Sports Promo Voice Over

What’s that? How did I manage to end up in a hotel room with Pele?

Book me for your next sports promo or commentator read and I’ll be happy to tell you.

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