What is a Voice of God Voice Over?

One of the areas of work I love doing most of all as a voice over artist is being a Voice of God voiceover, also known as a Voice of God announcer (awards announcer if you prefer).

Live Event Voice of God Voice Over

Hear my live Voice of God work from recent awards ceremonies.

‘Voice of God’ is the name used to identify the announcer heard before and during a live event, for example an awards ceremony, very often acting as the awards announcer. In many cases also interacting with the event host.

The performer remains out of sight however is still very much an essential part of the event.

The Voice of God Voice Over style is synonymous with the big intro voice you’ll hear on Saturday Night TV shows such as Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, Text Santa and Beat the Star.

I’m proud to have been the in-programme voice on all of those shows, and plenty more. Isn’t that handy!

Saturday Night Takeaway in-show Announcer

The in-show Voice of God Announcer for TV shows including Saturday Night Takeaway on ITV1

"I had lots of people telling me how great you were, so thank you very much for playing your part splendidly as always."
live event announcer Jonathan Clays
Zoe Morgan
YCN Awards

Pre-recorded Voice of God Awards Announcer

I also record pre-recorded Voice of God Announcements for awards events.

How to become a Voice of God Voice Over?

A question asked of me recently as the featured guest invited by fellow voiceover artist Jo Troy for his new podcast series. Hear the interview below (or in full here) 

In my case I’d been the in-show Voice of God for many high-profile ITV TV shows, usually starring Ant & Dec. Transfering that same style from TV shows to awards events seemed a logical progression. I love both types of voiceover work.

It was a pleasure to be asked to be the event announcer for numerous awards shows in central London recently. Among them the CN Awards, SCEPTRE Awards (shopping centre awards? But of course!) and the NCE Tunnelling Awards Festival.

NCE Tunnelling Awards

My co-host for the NCE Awards was comedian Lucy Porter – we’d worked together before at a previous live awards ceremony. The brief was to to ad-lib and have fun with the event which is exactly what we did.

voice of god announcer jonathan clays

"Thank you SO MUCH Jonathan. You were absolutely amazing, we will work together again."
Voice of God announcer
Zuzana Vrablikova
NCE Tunnelling Festival Awards

As Voice of God voice over I sit with production crew at the side of the 500 seat theatre with the producer. It’s my job to make the live pre-show audience announcements and then play my part reading out the nominations and interacting with the host during the show. 

In addition, timing has to be impeccable, names pronounced correctly and as the event announcer, sound clear, authoritative and credible.


Because it’s an evening of celebration, I like to make it fun while not forgetting to make the award recipients feel special. Consequently, I always enjoy adding my own favourite niche ingredients where appropriate; irony and maybe just a hint of parody. The odd ad-lib also never goes amiss. A fantastic event, in a very smart setting it was a huge pleasure to be part of. The evening was a great success and audience and client feedback really rather good. 

In fact, so overwhelming was the feedback that we were both later awarded freedom of the City of London. We can now be seen exercising our right to herd sheep across Tower Bridge.*

* OK, I might’ve made that bit up.

Unsurprisingly, as with all live awards events it’s right up there with my favourite bookings of the year.

voice of god voice over
"Once again we could not have done this without you.
Delegates and colleagues asked after you and were impressed with the voiceover."
voice of god announcer
Claudia Cichon
ERS Congress 2023

2022 and 2023 had many awards shows booked in, both live and pre-recorded. I expect plenty more to come throughout the next 12 months. As always, I can’t wait for the next one!

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